• Field: Data Visualization | Product Design | UX
  • Date: 2015.1-6 | 6 months
  • Role: Individual Work
  • Tag: D3.js|Capstone Project
  • Brief: A data-visualization user interface focused on making online abroad shopping faster and more enjoyable.


This is an innovative searching experience of online shopping; the bright thinking of user experience at the information-overloading age; a technical experiment based on the latest visual tool D3.js; a special application in the cross-border e-commercial market...... In short, it aims at helping users who have overseas goods needs dynamically and effectively filter out unwanted disturbance iterms and smoothly made shopping decisions.


  • Chinese soaring “overseas online shopping”
    needs a better platform.

  • Customers find it hard to choose
    due to chaotic searching results.

  • Traditional layout of product results
    is becoming inefficient.

  • We need a "funnel"

    to simplify our online-shopping process.



    Date Visualization

    Shops firstly shown as bubbles on the map.

    Demo: Three Steps to Optimize Your Choices

    - Data sieve-filteration -

    User Feedback

  • Confusion

    "Multi-dimension filter" is less legible for new users.

  • Solution

    Add a guide video.(*Display: Simplified Chinese)


  • Video

    Play with the DEMO >
      *Display: Simplified Chinese