• Field: UX Design | Interactive Design | System Thinking
  • Date: 2017.5-8 | 12 weeks
  • Role: UX Designer
  • Tag: EA UX Design Internship | CTO Tech Fair Award Winner
  • Brief: This is an internal univeral search tool for EA employees (around 1w).
    I also wrote an article "Interning as a Non-Game Designer in a Game Company" on Medium.


During the 12-week internship, I sat closely with my design team, which works as an internal design agency serving the Information Technology department - employee experience. And I mainly worked with an engineering team, who had already explored this project for several weeks before I joined EA. Following is my project plan:

    *However, the actual process is not linear like it was planned.

The Challenge

Can Enterprise Search Be Collaborative?

My initial objectives of this internship are to
    Understand the current search and how employees use it
    Explore the possibilities that search could be collaborative

Search Sucks!

Data Analysis

After I got multiple platforms' site data, I summerized the following content types and display types. I also made a content inventory.

Content Types
General Info Entry- EA World
Work Doc Purpose - Confluence(developer.ea.com)
Others - (service desk, workday, EA knowledge, …)

Content display types
People result
My team-space result

The following is part of the content inventory. It's a top-keyword-list from each platform.

Expert Interview

After I got basic understanding of the whole internal system, I then interviewed 5 expert employees, gathering knowledge from Information Architecture, Internal Communication, Content Management to Employee Experience, etc.


Conceptual Design

System Map

    *SME: Subject Matter Expert


I used InVision to make the final prototype but due to the confidentiality clause, I can't show it. I'll try to introduce the main features here.

Initial Mock-ups

  • General-User View
  • SME View
    • *General-User View: Search Result Page; SME View: Dashboard

    Final Design

    After several discussion with engineers, they directly prototyped the dashboard(SME side) and I kept iterating on the search result page(General-User side). How to naturally engage people to contribute for better content is the key to the whole system.

      *Due to a confidentiality clause, I’m not able to show the detail interface

    Feedback Action

    Video Demo


    Usability Test

    4 Key Insights Applied in the Final Design


    Future Direction

    My Learnings

    •     Never take users for granted but don’t overgeneralize them either.

    •     Never hesitate to go back to the problem framing stage and ask the right questions.

    •     Never allow ourselves to neglect the beauty of selling.

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