• Field: Product Design | UX | Virtual Reality
  • Date: 2014.7 | 1-week hackson
  • Role: Team Work
  • Tag: US-China Young Maker Competition
  • Brief: A simple headset which can provide 3D mobile theatre.

Background & Research

  • More and more 3D films updated online.

  • Huge screens and higher resolution.

  • People are seeking for private space.

  • Demand

    1.Cool Appearance

    2.Comfortable Wearing Experience

    3.Best Visual Effect For Each Person

    4.Non-electronics Intelligence

  • From research, we extracted three features.

  • So...


    Combined with simple optics theory, we designed a wearable mobile theatre -"GLASOO", GLASS+OO (like open eyes)

    Optics Theory

    Product Modeling

  • Output

  • Version 1

    3D-printing prototype.


  • Version 2

    Cardboard prototype is a refined work, aiming to lighten the weigh.