• Field: Web Design | User Research | Front-end
  • Date: 2015.4-7 | 10 weeks
  • Role: Individual Work (under mentor's guidance)
  • Tag: Microsoft UX Design Internship
  • Brief: This is a side project of my internship - an integrated website redesign.
    *Due to a confidentiality clause, I can not show the main product I worked on, which is an engineering management platform.

The Process


Website Statistics Analysis

OData.org is a public web portal to evangelize Open Data Protocol concept, guide peoples to use the protocol, and also attract more peoples to contribute the development of the protocol in more areas in the future.

There are about 30,000 visits per week in the past year. However, the bounce rate is really high for both new and returning visitors. So, we wanted to get some insights from the site’s telemetry data to improve the portal experience and reach the goals.

It is easy to learn what the visitors did from the telemetry data , but hard to know why they did so on the surface. Therefore, we analysis the data and combine UX expertise to suggest potential improvement areas for the OData.org portal.

Current Site Map

    *Tool: Microsoft Visio



Restructure Information Architecture

    *Tool: Microsoft Visio



    *Tool: Balsamiq


Hi-Fidelity Mockups

    *Tool: Photoshop+Illustrator


I finally built the website with two other developers. But due to legal reasons, it's partially launched.

    *Tool: HTML5+CSS3+Bootstrap+Github