• Field: Augmented Reality | Interactive Design
  • Date: 2016.12-2017.1 | 3 weeks
  • Role: Interactive Designer
  • Tag: CHI 2017 Student Design Challenge
  • Brief: An AR app to facilitate communication of tough topics between single fathers and their daughters.
  • The Challenge

    The stated theme of CHI 2017 is "Explore, Innovate, Inspire". We are asked to operationalize this theme by creating an intervention to “Level the Playing Field” in some fashion. The main goal si to empower a group or broaden access to an activity.

    Problem Framing

    We brainstormed a list of people that we thought are overlooked. After some research and discussion, we picked single father as the problem space. From conversations with friends and single parents, and reading online articles and blogs, there was a consensus that single mothers have more support and resources than single fathers.

    Based on this preliminary research, we saw this as an opportunity to design something for single fathers. We further narrowed our user group to single father with daughters based on assumptions that these dads face universal challenges when raising a little girl.

    User Interview

    "Can't say I'm 100% looking forward to it at this time, however I am ready for the discussion. I feel that it is important that she learns about these things from me as her father…"

    -Chris A.

    coming soon...