• Field: Product Design | Interactive Design | User Research | Graphic Design
  • Date: 2013.9-2014.6 | 10 months
  • Role: Team Leader
  • Tag: Sony Design Workshop
  • Brief: A noise-control multi-media ground speaker for square dancer.



In recent years, square dance has become more and more popular in China. Elderly people find pleasure in it. It is a new kind of Chinese-style fitness.

  • Research

    It brings wellness to people, but social problems as well. Such as noise problems. From our research, a new demand for better light environment is found.

  • Concept

    Combined with Sony’s current technologies, our solution would make the sound only be heard in specific area and provide personal lighting-effect.

  • Sketch

    1. Portable

    2. Fashionable

    3. Correspond to the technology of 360 degree projection and sounding

  • Storyboard

    Let’s image, With all the housework done, our persona is tired and she wants to dance for relaxation. Today a dancing partner brings a new product. “Hey, Good News!” “What’s that?” “A new ground speaker! We don’t have to worry about disturbing neighbors any longer. ” “Wow, gorgeous light effect, so cool!”


    Open and lift three brackets on the ground, press the button to turn it on. Considering that aged ladies are fond of easy operation, we design an app with simple interface. They can both choose the song and light-effect on the app.

    Live Show & Exhibition